What to pack for a beach vacation ?

Yeaahhh! So finally you are going for long awaited beach vacation. Now comes the main task. Packing! Sunglasses : It will save your eyes from UV rays and plus you will look fantastic in the pictures. A good book : Just in case you are planning to laze around the beach. Flip flops : What else will... Continue Reading →


Goa – The Portuguese Connection

Goa is famous for its white sand beaches, tourist-friendly culture and party atmosphere. We found all of this, but also found great historical neighbourhoods with buildings from its days as a Portuguese trading centre.Goa – The Portuguese Connection — Monkey's Tale

Top 10 things to do in Goa

Nobody says no to GOA. Goa is a destination that you just can't get enough. It's not a place which you just visit once and tick off from your list.You want to go again and again. There are lot that you can do in Goa. Try Water sports : A beach vacation is incomplete without... Continue Reading →

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